Tennis academy

„The coach is as good and as bad as the player. If the player loses, the coach is always to blame, and if the player wins, the coach has done an excellent job. It’s the same in tennis as in football.“

Boris Becker (german tennisplayer)

The Tennisbase Erlangen is your tennis school for all ages
at the TC Rot-Weiß Erlangen!

Head coach Thomas Engelhardt and his team of coaches welcome all tennis cracks and tennis enthusiasts to the beautiful green grounds of the TC Rot-Weiß!

Whether beginners of all ages, fun-oriented recreational players or tournament players – everyone can achieve their personal learning goals with us and develop further under optimal training conditions in summer and winter.

Due to the clear separation of performance-oriented training and popular sports, the training can be tailored to the individual wishes and needs of each person. In addition to the training of technicians, coordination and athletic training, neuromental training, differential learning and sport psychological approaches are fixed components of our training.

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True to our motto: WITH HEART, FUN AND POWER!

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